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This blog reflects my personal views on culture, books, media, communications, politics, and public policy. I am speaking for myself and in an entirely personal capacity, which in no way reflects the views of any organization that I am associated with.  


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The Author

I worked for more than thirty years in the publishing industry as editor-in-chief of Saturday Night Magazine, founding editor-in-chief of the National Post, editor-in-chief and publisher of Maclean's Magazine, President of Rogers Publishing Company, and founding President of Next Issue Canada (now Texture). 

I am the author of The Uncrowned King: the Sensational Rise of William Randolph Hearst, a Washington Post, LA Times, and Globe & Mail book of the year. It was nominated for four major non-fiction awards. My groundbreaking biography of Herbert Hoover will be published in the US by Knopf in 2017.

I am chairman of the board of the Donner Canada Foundation, one of Canada's leading philanthropic organizations. I sit on the board of the Canadian Chamber of Commerce, the National NewsMedia Council, the Digital Policy Forum, and the Frontier Institute. I am a member of the advisory committee of the Cundill Prize, the world's richest prize for historical non-fiction, and a governor of the Aurea Foundation, which funds public policy research in Canada. Finally, I am a former member of Minister Joly's Expert Advisory Panel on Canadian Content in a Digital World, and a former member of the board McGill University Institute for the Study of Canada.


I live in Toronto with my wife, Tina. Our daughter, Thea, lives in D.C. I don't have any hobbies, unless hoarding books can be considered a hobby, and, even then, I'm trying to get over it.